Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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20 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. David Thrift says:

    Hi Tyler! Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my website and liking my photo. I see that you are an avid photographer as well and you have some great photos on your blog. I love that you use rounded corners on your photos as well. You have got some awesome photos from what I’ve seen so far and I see your blog goes all the way back to 2013. That’s awesome that you’ve been blogging for so long. I will have to come back and explore more of your work. I’ve only gotten to see the first few on your front page today. Keep taking and posting your photos 🙂

    • You’re welcome…it’s my pleasure! Your photographs are awesome…keep up the great work! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by my blog 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead, David!

  2. puzzleblume says:

    Love the rusty fishes in this bed of gravel and stones to make it complete.

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! My dad made this dry creekbed stone by stone & plant by plant…so all the credit goes to his handiwork 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. larastillo says:

    Interesting and great! Do you set the photo challenge theme up before you find the shot, or see what you want a picture of and the theme comes from it? Either way it’s great =) and very interesting!

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! Usually the Weekly theme is set mid week and then you can either go back and see what older photos fit the theme or take new photos to fit the challenge. I don’t set the theme…it’s WordPress staff. I appreciate your readership & support!
      Tyler 🙂

  4. kestrelgwh says:

    Tyler, “Texture” shows how art can imitate nature. I love the careful composition of this landscape feature. It shows your love for and knowledge of the natural world.

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! This dry creekbed was created stone by stone & plant by plant by my dad…I will pass along your kind words 🙂 My wife, daughter & I were in Montana visiting family in early July…great times! I am sending thoughts & prayers to all the families impacted by the horrible wildfires in Montana right now…also doing a rain dance for you! Hope you & your family are well…have a wonderful rest of your summer, Gary 🙂

  5. An interesting picture, Tyler.

  6. Olga says:

    Love the pebble stone walk-way, Tyler. Wonderful for texture. A bit distracted by the metalic item.

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 My dad created this dry creek bed by hand…he really did a splendid job! The metal item at the bottom are two fish swimming upstream, as it were. Have a wonderful week ahead, Olga!
      Tyler 🙂

  7. Irena says:

    I am not a photographer myself, but images of different surfaces are one of my favourites in my husband’s photo collections. The patterns and structural repetitiveness captivate me. Love your image, just so peaceful!

  8. dunelight says:

    I tried to make one of these dry rain garden streams, it did not go well. This one you posted is a beauty!

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