Stately song 

Singing its stately song
atop a forlorn fence post 
Western meadowlark.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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10 Responses to Stately song 

  1. Maggie C says:

    You sure it wasn’t perched in a Doug fir or an Oregon Grape bush?

    • Those are great perching spots as well. I wanted to contrast its stately song with the worn fence post on which it perches. As you know, it’s the State bird of Oregon (and Montana, my home State). Thank you for liking my poem! Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

  2. Geo Sans says:

    I’ve always appreciated reading
    your words and imagery
    enclosed is a photo / text challenge
    if you choose to accept

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! You are most thoughtful 😊 I apologize for not seeing this sooner. I’ve had a busy week & am playing catch up with comments. I’d love to accept this challenge, but I find that it’s hard for me to post new material 5 days in a row. I always enjoyed reading/viewing your inspiring words and images. Keep up the excellent work, my friend, and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Jen E Town says:

    Joy and dignity in all circumstances. Beautiful image.

  4. Jen E Town says:

    Joy and dignity in humble circumstances; belying his “stately” status

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