Embracing every breath

Embracing every breath

warmed by
the last light
of day —
its limbs
my every


About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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15 Responses to Embracing every breath

  1. Geo Sans says:


  2. Featuring this fantastic piece on my segment #6IncredibleBlogsBeforeBreakfast. Your brand of prose poetry is something wonderful. I have to share. Thank you for your photography and art.

    • Thank you, CF! I greatly appreciate your kindness and support, my friend 🙂 Mother Nature inspires my mind’s eye everyday and I humbly wish to share her beauty with the world. Have a wonderful night/day!
      Tyler 🙂

  3. Morgan says:

    Beautiful Verse, Tyler! Hoping you have a Wonderful Weekend 🙂

  4. marydpierce says:

    Ah, cottonwood. Talk about breath. It is the one thing in nature that I am allergic to. Beautiful photo and words, though.

    • Thank you, Mary! I understand your plight, my friend. My allergies act up in the spring and summer as well. Cottonwood seeds are a likely culprit, but I won’t place blame on trees that ultimately help me stay alive (whether I’m breathing, sneezing or sniffling). I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. MaldivesDreamer says:

    Love it!! 🙂 Irene

  6. babylonmagus says:

    You are so beautiful of spirit.. rather inspiring light you are, Tyler… thanks for being focussed here in the world…

  7. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    I used to picnic under a cottonwood….and listen to its voice whispering peace. Thank you for the lovely reminder of a sacred place.

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