1,000 posts on my Poetree & still growing!

seeing the forest for the seeds

On March 8th of this year, I began my blogging journey as “The Ancient Eavesdropper.” What growth my blog has seen over the past eight months! As of yesterday, I’ve posted 1,000+ poems and photos & am nearing 3,000 followers on WordPress, Twitter & Facebook. I am amazed at the kindness shown by my fellow creative spirits. THANK YOU!!! Your thoughtful comments & likes are greatly appreciated — I am truly blessed to have your support and presence in my life. Each blog I follow is a shot in the arm — an energy boost that inspires me to keep the wheels turning upstairs. Even when my muse has gone on vacation, I am comforted by the thought of other beautiful souls enriching the world & counter-balancing my writer’s block. In this collective consciousness, we are never alone, words & images warming our hearts even in the absence of sunlight, dreams finding homes to hibernate & instill peace of mind & faith in humankind. May you continue to share your unique gifts & add new pages to your poetrees. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends, & thank you again!


About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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25 Responses to 1,000 posts on my Poetree & still growing!

  1. Beautiful…reminds me of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree πŸ˜€

    • Thank you, my friend! To be compared to Shel Silverstein is the ultimate compliment πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day…hopefully your customers are very generous with their tips!
      Tyler πŸ™‚

      • The “Poetree” that grows, I’m thinking you should compose words that would delight children and adults alike…”The Giving Tree” is this type of book…I’m just encouraging you to think and maybe take a look, into something that would make your “Poetree” book a reality!

  2. congratulations on your millennial milestone – it’ been a joy to be part of it

    • Thank you kindly, Paul! Glad to have you along for the journey. Your poetry always sets the tone for my day. Keep those creative juices flowing, my friend.
      All the best,
      Tyler πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats! You are a true inspiration…..

    • Thank you, my friend! I greatly appreciate your kindness and support. It’s been a wonderful experience thus far & I plan to keep adding new stories to this poetree and sharing my creative growth with you (& my other followers) for many years! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend & keep inspiring the world with your wonderful photo blog πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on 1,000 posts, Tyler! You will always be at the top of my list of favourite bloggers. Your creative gift shines through in your poetry and photography and is so inspiring. Your love and commitment to all that we call nature is admirable. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, my friend! I am humbled by your kind words. This blog has turned into something far bigger than I had ever imagined. It has strengthened my connection with Nature, myself & other inspiring kindred spirits (such as yourself). I plan on sharing my creative growth with the world for many years to come! I hope you have a relaxing Sunday!
      Tyler πŸ™‚

  5. We are looking forward to post number 2000:-)

    • Thank you, my friend! I feel so blessed to have kindred spirits like you in my life. As long as I continue to grow in mind, body & spirit, there will always be room for more inspiration & fodder for fresh blog posts πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Sunday!
      Tyler πŸ™‚

    • Thank you kindly, my friend! Your continued support is greatly appreciated. I plan on sharing my creative growth with the world as long as my spirit is able & willing. Have a wonderful Sunday!
      Tyler πŸ™‚

  6. Tyler, you astonish me. I’ve been at this for 2.5 years now, blogging daily, and am still not to my 1000th post, and have about a sixth of the followers you have–but all of that aside, you are not just cranking out Stuff, either: your posts are consistently thoughtful, artistic and compelling. May you have great joy and satisfaction in continuing this journey of yours. I’m delighted to have met you here and will continue to enjoy learning from and being entertained by your work.

    • Thank you kindly, Kathryn! It’s been a blessing and a pleasure getting to know you and follow your blog. Without kindred spirits like you, I’m not sure I’d have the creative drive to churn out 1,000 posts period! The blogging atmosphere harbors infinite inspiration – unique voices calling from the black void of cyberspace – turning the wheels upstairs, bringing words, thoughts & images to life, spinning perceptions that flip the world on its head & bounce it in front of our eyes.

      I try not to get bogged down in the blog stats. The number of posts or followers does not determine the level of your blog’s success. If you feel good about what your blogging about & have a close knit group of followers, that’s just as wonderful. Honestly, there are so many WordPress blogs that it’s easy for inspiring, creative spirits to get lost in a crowd. But, if you are determined to share your message with the world, nothing will stop you. Keep up the excellent work, my friend! I wish you only the best πŸ™‚ Have a relaxing Sunday!
      Tyler πŸ™‚

  7. timthepoet says:

    Man you are so prodigious. A 1000 posts since march, thats 125 a month or 4 a day. And you have 3000 followers that is amazing. You have certainly found your raison d’etre.

    • Thank you, Tim! It’s been an interesting experience thus far. More than anything, blogging has opened my eyes to different perspectives & fostered an online educational environment. Each day is a lesson in creativity from nearby or halfway around the world. Glad to have you along for the journey. Keep up the great work on your blog, my friend πŸ™‚

  8. annetbell says:

    Wow, talented and prolific! Love your poetry and your photos! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you kindly, Anne! I really appreciate your support & feel blessed to have you in my life. This blogging journey has taught me the importance of sharing our experiences – we are never alone in our triumphs or struggles – there is purpose & meaning beyond artistic expression that bonds us together into one collective consciousness.
      Tyler πŸ™‚

  9. beverlydyer says:

    Congrats! It is healing.

  10. utalap says:

    You deserve all the support you’re getting! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  11. Thank YOU! I love your posts. May not always get to them but love them when I do. Congratulations!!

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