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Brilliant mosaics

Cottonwood leaves the size of saucers  fall haphazardly from treetop hutches  across the lawn, their gilded cellulose  still intact, setting Autumn’s tableau, before footsteps crunch    cuticles into thousands of pieces, littering  earth with brilliant  mosaics. 

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Grist for the mind

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
Millstone, you grind grist at a constant cadence, grain sorted from chaff to refine surface, infinite fibers fed into my mind’s furnace, releasing sweet scented aromas of creative deliverance.

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A crowd of ferns angle their fronds sunward amid a chlorophyll spent forest whose remnant green shades stand out against autumn’s camouflage of red, yellow & orange. Leaves begin their descent south with the geese, finding solace in migrant flocks … Continue reading

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