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Autumnal respite

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Trees twist and turn, their outstretched limbs  gather the lingering light in anticipation of the autumnal respite. Clasped leaflets circumscribe a colder sun, edging closer and closer to oblivion. Green satellites return to earth…

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Background check

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
Ponderosa pine prickly profiles, Douglas fir twin tower lineups, Hemlock hunchbacked hoodlimbs, Oregon ash switch-blade mugs, Big leaf maple five-spiked mohawks, Black cottonwood low-rider leaves, a band of photosynthetic trunk thugs atop grass knuckles,…

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Deaf ears

Not every poem is a zinger. Real words  do not wear  bells or whistles to let you know  they exist. Life falls on deaf ears.

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