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Steering into the clear

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Nature plots a path before we know it, our summer senses navigated by an equilibrium of sunshine and blue skies, golden grasslands and green canopies – we foot travel voyeurs of wild spaces, dedicated bird song eavesdroppers and turtle peeping … Continue reading

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Sexing tie-dyed turtles

I found this juvenile male Western painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) today. He was full of energy after eating the sardine bait in the hoop trap. You might be wondering how you determine the sex of these colorful creatures. There are … Continue reading

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Always awe and wonder

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Tree branches aloft banging for acknowledgement on rooftops. Wind nudging the chimes, beckoning bells to voice their own hymns. Birds’ beaks active, cracking seeds  and opening songs with the flapping of wings. Squirrels’ busy chatter…

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