Eavesdropper laundry list

  • Moments do not tap on your shoulder or whisper their secret hiding place into your ear, you must heighten your awareness & disappear.
  • We all have knowledge, we all have time, we all will live & die, sharing one long soliloquy, a locked spell of silent rhyme.
  • The Earth used to be flat, now it’s fat, who pumped hot air into this tire?
  • We like to put more faith in automobiles than people. Why else would car insurance ad campaigns rule the world?
  • You can’t choose your parents, you can’t pick your genes, you can’t change the weather, but you can fire the forecaster.
  • Take stock out of Wall Street & invest your green in wild forest. You might get mud in your eye, but Nature restores peace of mind.
  • You might not share my views on the importance of a spruce tree, but there’s no arguing over whose oxygen we breathe.
  • I’m just a human being trying to get someone else to see me before my lightbulb burns out.
  • Sometimes life is the ultimate brush off, it looks good on canvas but nobody’s buying it.
  • The altitude of your dreams is determined by the attitude of your wings.
  • I set the bar high because I am tall, but I was born into this world with greater risk, no safety net at all.
  • If you find me lost in thought, please know my mind has found a wormhole to a distant universe.
  • Give wings of action to intent, think less by loving more, belittle fear by daring to dream big, build bridges out of words.
  • I’ve never written with such a fervor, when did my mind make itself up, this part is unclear but I don’t care, my calling answers.
  • Depth perception in life is determined by our ability to see the good times through the bad slides.
  • The poet in me prides himself on rhymes and proper grammar, but sometimes I wish that I could ax order & embrace cold chaos.
  • And so into dreams I depart, resting my head on the pillow and the bleeding pen back into my heart.
  • Egg on the morning sun to dawn & let its yellow yolks yawn and break open your eyelids.
  • Alliteration eats attitude and appeals the apple of my eye.
  • Birdsong yearns to nest in your ear and awaken the action potential of awareness again.
  • Hold that thought, nab dreams tangled in sheets, wrestle your consciousness, write the extra into ordinary, stick to poetry.
  • Sound bytes into my ear as though it were an apple, toothy diction digesting all experience.
  • You may have doubts along the way & feel like you’re always sidelined, but love will kick your life into gear & get you in the game again.
  • Etch into my mind a day which draws unto eternity.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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1 Response to Eavesdropper laundry list

  1. profound and humorous all at once

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