Picking blueberries

Picking blueberries

under the sun,
what well-rounded
gift of summer
to be eaten.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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15 Responses to Picking blueberries

  1. Bee says:

    Nice work

  2. EagleAye says:

    Oh man, I love blueberries. I’m one of those peculiar people who isn’t much of a sweet eater. But Blueberry Pie is one of the exceptions. I go…bananas…over it. And now I have to go and get some. Great pic!

  3. Nice! There’s nothing like picking and eating wild or self-grown berries =)

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

  4. Yummm…antioxidants!

    • They are tasty round organic sweets that stain your tongue, lips and teeth, fortifying your immune system and pleasing taste buds all at once! I take it you share a fondness for these blue fruits? Hope you had a relaxing weekend!
      Tyler 🙂

  5. words4jp says:

    Gots lots there – what ya going to bake or making jam??

    • We are going to blend them into thick, refreshing smoothies, bake them in piles of steaming pancakes, freeze them inside hand-churned ice cream and top our bland corn flakes with a burst of tangy blueberry flavor! It’s simply delightful shaping organic fruits into healthy food 🙂

  6. Gallivanta says:

    Delicious blueberries.

    • Yes, very much so! You can bake or blend blueberries into any preservative-free, antioxidant-rich treat like in a smoothie or steaming pancakes 😉 Overindulgence never felt so painfully good!
      Tyler 🙂

  7. Geo Sans says:

    was raspberries
    for me

    • Excellent! You just can’t beat the glow of the sun on ripened berries, glistening with fresh dew droplets after you clean them, countless pregnant red bumps, grown to add their organic zest to your tongue’s taste bud shopping list. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, overindulging in ripened antioxidants 🙂 I love your poetry, so keep up the excellent work, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

  8. Picked the first of the season myself today. Just enough for a snack but those first few are always the tastiest after the long wait.

    • Excellent! We picked about 50 pounds 2 weeks ago and are reaping the benefits of a blueberry diet 🙂 In fact, my wife is making blueberry pancakes as we speak! They smell so delicious and are a welcome distraction. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

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