Wasn’t born yesterday

My mind is filled with stuffy thoughts 
sitting in an office, glazed eyes stare
vacantly seaward where the sun burns 
to be near me and water winks 
cooly in its quiet cove of distilled silence.
Boats buoy past wake crests,
waves lap hulls at an even-keel cadence, 
a man stands on the dock contemplating
gulls posing atop dilapidated pier pedestals.
Every bird and barnacle aloft and afloat
in its natural setting, room-less views
constantly evolving.
Alas, here I am caged and kept
like lab rat, a fish out of water,
a cliche personified, but my
self-consciousness instinctively 
yearns to yawn and stretch
outside of the womb’s
claustrophobic recess.
What cord do I have tying me down?
Wasn’t born yesterday, so I’ll beat feet
into Nature, unconditionally unbound. 

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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13 Responses to Wasn’t born yesterday

  1. Sheila says:

    I love this and it’s exactly how I’m feeling right about now (and whenever I’m sitting in an office).

    • Thank you, Sheila! Glad you could relate to my poem. Hopefully you get a few moments everyday to step outside, stretch your legs and breathe unbounded air 😉 Hope you are having a great day!

  2. el34ax7 says:

    I used to work underground in a vault and this brings back terrible memories. Shame on you! 😀


    • Haha! Sorry for digging up old haunts of your past employment, AB. This poem was written to air out the busy humdrum and stress of human existence and celebrate a return to our outdoor roots. Sadly, many people hunch over computers in tight cubicles, robbed of natural light, desperate for something more in life. They are like Joe from the movie “Joe and the Volcano” who have developed a ‘brain cloud’ that blocks creative potential and saps energy. Nature releases our primal instincts so we can just be alive without inhibitions, separate from social norms and definitions, releasing tension that has been holding us back as if we are still a fetus attached to an umbilical cord. That’s my two cents, for whatever sense it’s worth! Hope you are having a good day, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

      • el34ax7 says:

        Joe vs. the Volcano? Old School! And yes, I completely agree with the “getting back to nature” sentiment; although, through our shared penchant for nature poetry, I believe we’ve already established this. What actually broke my block was strolling through my grandmother’s pasture.

        Man is most certainly not made to toil in cubicles.

  3. socialbridge says:

    I simply couldn’t bear to be stuck in an office away from the sea. I’m so, so lucky. I live right beside the sea in Ireland and only today was posting about the wildflowers along the coast road. You make me feel even more fortunate, if that’s possible!

    • Thank you, Jean! I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. I used to work by the Pacific Ocean and have since moved inland. Loved living on the coast as well. However, no matter where we reside, we must always make time for Nature and release our societal-conditioned stress and inhibition. Hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

  4. Imelda says:

    THis reminds me of the time I ‘lived’ in a high rise cubicle. the world was at my feet but could not enjoy it. 🙂 Beautiful writing.

  5. Aliera says:

    This is lovely. Reminds me of how I feel at school=)

    • Thank you, Aliera! I know how you feel. When I was in college 7 years ago, the classrooms on campus were always so stuffy and sweaty in the summer. I would look out the window and long to be one with the sprinklers spitting away atop the lawn, my spirit freed from textbooks and diatribe, enjoying cool fun in the sun 😉 Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

  6. dnikias says:

    Been there, done that all too many times – I’ve often asked myself about those fabricated cords tying me down and almost always they are much weaker than imagined… and then… that free flying feeling of liberation as if I were Prometheus unbound – nothing like it. Keep hitting those nails right on their heads! Thanks

    • Thank you, DN! It’s ironic that even after our umbilical cords are cut, we’re still bound to another womb of choice. When we live with Nature, there is endless space to roam, no cramped quarters unless your a polar bear in an igloo or a wolf in a wigwam 😉

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