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BLOG: An oxymoron to grow on

We throw this word around everyday, yet do we know from whence it came? Ironically, two organic terms married by techno slang according to Oxford’s online English Dictionary, partying hard drives since the year before our new millennium, the abridged internet … Continue reading

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Inset emeralds

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
Age etched time stretched breeze mattress branched stairs race up striped and splotched stories xylem and phloem elevators engender endless growth emeralds erupting inset atop sky and cellulose.

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Soft lighting

Does the cat care that I stare whilst it lounges detached in a chair? Its eyes elucidate a sedate state of  tuna-induced kitty coma, as a lazy, limp paw plays possum,  dangling from a thick coat  shedding fur, licking light … Continue reading

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