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Luxury of thought

My mind absorbs this luxury of thought spilled onto my genes as warm milk and cookies, granting liberty since birth to speak aloud inside my chromosomal library preserved by skull and skin and spray paint words left and right onto the … Continue reading

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Illuminated lodgepole

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
As the mid-day sun beat down on the craggy landscape, glowing shards of light cracked through the gnarled branches of a lodgepole pine tree, its radiance absorbed by both camera and the photosynthetic processes…

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Least wanted: Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
For those of you in Eurasia, this purple-petaled plant is endemic, but here in North America, we have striven to strike down this invasive wetland weed with biological controls of weevils and beetles who…

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Creativity cuts

Size 8.5″ x 11″    eggshell white paper formal finite space to break an infinity of diction and dreams sharp corners curbing sentences  as my mind scrutinizes standard dimensions irony unrealized until repeated creativity cuts  bleed forth a steady stream of … Continue reading

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