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Can the tin-cannery

Sonic vibrations roll through in waves, ricocheting off trees, bouncing by brick walls and boomeranging back into my ear drums, channeling sound as a two-way tin can toy telephone from my youth, a diversity of banter on the other line, … Continue reading

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Plant Pissing Match of the 21st Century

Tomatoes tied to towering trellises, limiting wind thrashing, scaffolded leaves sprayed with egg-based protein to guard against rabid deer teeth gnashing, planted vegetable heads all around, some above, others tubers below ground, lettuce, broccoli, radish, potato, corn, cauliflower ears, squash, … Continue reading

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Zero to sixty

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
I’m starting today  as if my time has just begun, zero to sixty heartbeats per minute, body charged and brain silent –  no thoughts to distract destiny. There’s a pleasant fragrance in the air,…

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The tightrope walker stalker

May I introduce the Ladybug acrobat herself, able to scale vertical tightropes while being stalked by my eyes in the sky up so high…

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Confecting ceramic shadows

Daylight stretches stylized shadows Sunday afternoon, scores of creeping shards coalesce against grass,   grafting gray mâché atop green confetti, hovering air centered as the earth’s axis spins and throws glaze onto clay, the side-cast sun a porcelain pancake expiring steam at the periphery, … Continue reading

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