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Right around the corner

Nature and the weekend are right around the corner…

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Word to the was

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
My wife and I moved the last load of stuff from our house in Coos Bay yesterday. Before I left, I picked up the final flowering pots from the deck and found the word…

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Eating crow

Like clockwork, I saw a crow strutting in the front lawn again this morning. Its plumage puffed pronouncedly as it patrolled the perimeter, persistently pecking under every step, stump and stick for passing insects. Returning to my Special K cereal, the … Continue reading

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A different knowhow

Nobody ‘knows’ Nature. Humans are more aware of themselves, yet through some superiority complex, they believe to understand the inner workings of every other life. A hummingbird does not keep track of its heartbeats or check to see how many … Continue reading

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