Bird becomings

Bird becomings

Have you ever
the life of an egg?
At once so firm,
hard to break,
that hollow
containing nutrients
and a tiny being
waiting to be fed.

Blue oval eggs
stirred, awakened
that veil removed by
a sharp tooth
on a beak,
splitting the shell
wide open, agape.
Nostrils collecting air,
circulating blood through the body,
a new life away from the catacomb
outside of the albumin
and the underside
of mother’s plumage.

In wide open spaces
a giant world
to a now
grounded newborn,
fond of tomorrow,
unaware of the

From this point on
the makings of the chick
have been prepared,
organized and
now walk, take a step,
oops, get up…
or stumble
on two feet,
feathery tufts
strutting about
on an oversized head
attached to shaky shoulders
and wobbly legs.
All this from an egg!
Mom couldn’t be prouder
of the progeny she laid.

Now robins will learn
that nothing comes easy.
There is no free meal
except from mom –
thank goodness she listens!
Living quarters are hard fought
and rarely ready-made,
solace can be taken
in the recesses of a snag
comprised of twigs, twine
and assorted trash,
useless to humans,
but for a mother bird,
only the best
for her youngsters!

Growing up
can prove quite a test.
Trying to fly,
learning to make it
to the next branch,
nose dives
and flailing feathers,
no health insurance,
mom stressed out
to the max,
tis’ the season
for late bloomers
and carefree

Gather up energy
from regurgitated
grub of mealworms
and snails,
no time like the present
to lift off and fly
aloft with the
rest of em’.
Mother robin searches
on the ground,
calling all over
but never expecting to
find her nest eggs
flying –
tomorrow the first day
of summer,
how the moments
go by…

After earning their wings,
the chicks have reached
the size of their mother.
Funny how parenting works –
the more food you divide
it’s mom’s weight
that suffers.
Once the nest is
and featherweights
put on much needed muscle,
this beckons the dawn
of an awaited

Next spring there will be
another clutch
of three tiny offspring
begging just as much
with the usual
parental supervising.
I guess when
you think about
the life of a bird,
from its becoming as
an egg to a grown adult
with junior,
it’s really nothing
quite special,
just bipedal motion
on earth or by breeze
with an insatiable stomach,
anthropomorphically speaking,
hollow legs, I’m not kidding.
Only trouble is
grandkids and molting,
the rest is up to nature,
weather, incubation and insects
Granted, it’s really the genes,
the size of the nest egg
and a nice pair of
willing wings!

poem and illustration from “Nostalgia, Naturally”
by Tyler Pedersen, Copyright 2007

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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12 Responses to Bird becomings

  1. dcrushbooks says:

    Check out of books about birds. Robby’s Quest for Seed by DC Rush. Robby is a Robin and the leader of his flock of birds, life-long friends, who travel across America searching for adventure.

    • Thank you for sharing, Don and Cathy! I think your children’s book trilogy of Robby Robin is amazing with very colorful characters. I grew up reading Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, especially stories penned by the Duck Man himself, Carl Barks. I still have all my old comic books and re-read them all the time. Keep up the inspired work you two 🙂

      • dcrushbooks says:

        Thanks very much. I’m glad you enjoyed our books. We’ve spent a great deal of time tweaking the books. We actually used two illustrators. We were not happy with the results from the first illustrator so we found a different lady to make new covers and illustrate the books. She is very talented.

  2. I love “nostrils collecting air” and “fond of tomorrow” and so many lines, not to mention the whole life cycle. We have these finches that nest in the eaves year after year, and I adore it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Karen! Your kind words are much appreciated. It’s wonderful that you notice the beauty which busies itself around us! Awareness is our connection to the rest of the world. We were granted this gift so that we may learn a language different from our own and share the enduring wellspring of all creatures great and small. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend, my friend!
      Tyler 🙂

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