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Quilting with cottonwords

Black cottonwood Populus trichocarpa deciduous species with broad wavy, waxy leaves weaving a glossy green canopy quilt through dendritic stitches of shading cellulose. Puffy white fibers pop and float in clumps of stuffing shipped by way of the wind and … Continue reading

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Fog is free

We worry without our clear line of sight. Fog is free to transcend earthly toil, transpire in trees and transfuse light.

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Erring the laundry

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
This morning has a familiar, though strangely hypnotic, air about it. I listen to the clothes washer churn, cleaning fabrics at centrifugal speed while its counterpart, the drier, an oversized, outspoken squeaky hamster wheel…

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Second wind

Enduring the unfulfilled silences  when answers hung in the balance  and yet no fruit dropped from the fertile sky to spread seeds of wisdom far and wide. Countless untold secrets lie dormant all around  waiting for the catalyst to germinate … Continue reading

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