Time will tell

Mind over maples

With the advent of autumn, we begin to notice how fast the days fade into anonymity.  Although the sun never stops shining, its warm radiance shifts south following the snow birds’ migratory routes.  The chopping of firewood is reminiscent of an atom being split to generate energy; warm bodies are in constant combat with the elements, immune systems smothered by germs and wool sweaters.  Color drains from the deciduous trees with the shedding of leaves that lie in a celebratory pile of confetti, marking one season’s ending and another’s beginning.  The darkness in our dreams becomes reality at the epicenter of the fall equinox — days once bathed in light are littered with shadows of distant stars, some trillion dying embers across the night sky.  In the absence of adequate sunshine, we dine on the warm sensations left over from summer memories, slowly sorting through the darkness to regain our identity.  Where are we headed and for how long?  These are questions that have lives of their own.  Only time will tell.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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12 Responses to Time will tell

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Did you write this just for me :)? Very appropriate for us as we make our way through autumn.

    • Thank you! While it might be spring in our Northern hemisphere, I started thinking about posting poems out of season for those around the world whose autumn has arrived. This is an older musing I wrote and I am glad that it rings true for you in New Zealand. Hope you are doing well, my friend 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The ancient eavesdropper and commented:

    Here is an older autumnal musing from the pages of my poetree…

  3. keelymyles says:


    • Thank you kindly, Keely! I hope your Autumn is shaping up well. I typically start jumping into piles of leaves and listening to my Vince Guaraldi Peanuts Holiday music right about now! I also enjoy watching “The Great Pumpkin” Peanuts Halloween Special. Did you see the moon last night? Oh boy, it was so big and bright that it blinded me like a nocturnal sun! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend, my friend 🙂

      • keelymyles says:

        Oh yes, my weekend was wonderful… Full and a wonder, and I sure did stop to gawk at that moon more than once. Gotta love these crisp fall days… more to come. Savor them… ❤

  4. Shainbird says:

    Lovely trees, such diversity in colors and your words capture the season!

  5. Beautiful trees and photograph! Is this in Oregon? My daughter and I have always wanted to visit there!

    • Thank you! Yes, the photo of the maple trees was taken in Corvallis, Oregon. I highly recommend visiting Oregon, especially the breathtaking Willamette Valley. I’ve lived around Portland, Coos Bay and Corvallis for over 5 years; each part of Oregon has its own distinct scenery and community. Where are you from? I hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂

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