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Skyline scaffolding

A silky serene skyline scaffolding built between two steel causeways, shadowing water, earth and canopy, my camera crossing to safety, swiftly sending scenery thru satellites and silicon channels to sit on your computer screen.

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Tree spin

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When the world twirls, so do its inhabitants, caught in a tailspin, locked into a cosmic orbit. Climbing up the twisting branches, encased in gnarly bark with piney seeds that resist the impact of…

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Grizzly determination

Just went for a run. It’s going to get into the 80s today, so I pounded the pavement early. Here’s a photo from last year’s Prefontaine Memorial 10K in Coos Bay, Oregon. I have a look of grizzly determination as … Continue reading

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Act of discovery

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Chip away at this whole existential existence in an echoing cave of indecision lodged in your head, telling you, “Stay put.  Go back.” This dark void is too abstract to draw a straight line…

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Ancient Artistry

Cobra sentry long cerulean goatee gilded egyptian headdress ancient body swaddled in a sarcophagus.

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