Daily Archives: April 21, 2013

Fresh perspective

My stomach flutters aloft in a tall tree like a leaf afraid of heights,  veins churning, turning over nutrients  before gravity digests distance  and I lie indisposed  as fresh fodder  for  bottom feeders.

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Cave dwelling

Spelunking in limestone caves crowded claustrophobia taverns bat room only at inverted tables hanging stone jellyfish, spiny trilobites uneasy eyesight in dark so tight ceiling shrinking, foundation-feeling foot by foot for terra firma stalagmite below, stalactite above formed from dripping … Continue reading

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Face-plant and adapt

All is amusing and amazing in my microcosm on Mother Earth’s namesake gala. My wife and I volunteered for an event this morning with the Corvallis Audubon Society at their Hesthavn Nature Center, weeding grass from around trails, pushing pebbles with a rake to smooth pathways, aligning, in … Continue reading

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