‘No’ Year’s Resolution List

Contemporary society has a short attention span.

Media, propaganda, tabloids, TV sets, senseless noise,

everything at everyone’s fingertips, palm pilots, iPod, Wii,

the tangible book obsolete, superficial Amazon Kindle now supreme,

sure this saves paper, but what of old book smells,

yellowed and dog-eared pages with your name inside the jacket?

Who wants to read the paper without the fresh crackle of newsprint,

a steaming pot of coffee and toast with real strawberry preserves?

While we may have found technology, we have lost simplicity,

that tactility of life and raw texture springing forth, front and center.

I curse the era that brought electricity, talkies and television,

but I still cherish classic cinema, and most of all, Mystery Science theater.

Fatalists will tell you that the end is near, right around the corner.

My reply, a light laugh, “What?  It gets better?”

Creativity and original thought are treated like sins, a child born disfigured,

eyebrows raised, the family shuns foreign objects but still buys from China, what gives?

This brainpower could not even generate a decent latte or cappuccino

and has to rely on processed food, TV dinners, drive thrus and casinos.

All we want is within reach and even the eye chart is too far to focus on,

tunnel vision blinders, carpal tunnel wrists, sore neck,

staring at computer screens and coming home a wreck.

We need something more and that, simply put, is nothing.

No distractions, no hurried noise, no heart attacks, no steroids,

no gambling, no shopping fits, no new cars, no plastic toys,

no debt, no disrespect, no hangovers, no divorce, no regret.

This resolution list has no end and I check more off each year I spend.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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6 Responses to ‘No’ Year’s Resolution List

  1. words4jp says:

    Yes, I could not agree with you more. i like my books with paper:)

    • Sometimes I can’t tell if I like to smell books more than read them. They have such unique odors, especially those old hardcovers with dusty jackets you buy at used bookstores. After you read a book, you begin to associate the story not only with its cover but with its chemically-infused pheromones created by time and prior circumstance. I hope you have a relaxing weekend 🙂

      • words4jp says:

        I know what you mean about the smell. I do love the smell of new books. Old ones make me sneeze;) what I like the most is the feel of the paper and the excitement of turning a page when I have read it and watch the pages and the feeling of excitement as the last half of the book gets smaller and smaller. And voila! The feeling when I am done is awesome. A pooter cannot do that. Ever.

  2. Gallivanta says:

    A long time ago when my children were at school and drowning in school projects and activities I used to wish the schools would give lessons in nothingness. Simply teaching how to be content to sit and do ‘nothing’. To be content in nothing or with nothing is such a valuable life skill. Whatever is nothing? Like ‘silence’, does it exist?

  3. So true…it’s a discussion at our house about getting the newspaper electronically only. I always say, but I like reading the paper on Sunday morning and drinking my coffee….haha!

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