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Immunity in jeopardy

I wrote this poem purposely without hardly any punctuation to mimic the congealing, mucosal effects of a cold. While I am not sick today, I would like to dedicate this poetic prescription to Beverly Dyer who is recovering from a … Continue reading

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What for?

Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
Listen, for all silence is not filled by words Give, for getting is an easy indulgence Live, for dying is the quick exit thru the back door Forgive, for harboring hatred hurts those we…

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The crickets’ sigh

Lily pads between earth and sky, hovering over the waters of a clear summer in July. The carpet spread out, green coasters with white flowers that sprout, reach upwards to greet the dawn. Every morning this path leads the way … Continue reading

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Perugino in the trees

Back in the 16th century A.D. The High Renaissance moved its way into the heart of Italy. Though short-lived one talent was a pleasant, kind and faithful son. From Urbino did Raphael emerge, the famous painter known for his Madonna’s. … Continue reading

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