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The funny pages

I’m always here, listening in, aware of the conversation but hearing only silence. Busy bodies hurry past, dumbed down by their complacent progress. It’s as if I am a  crossword puzzle, the boxes fill up with letters and I am … Continue reading

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Enduring lexicon

Cover the earth with your lexicon of words, scatter them like ink black feathers falling from ravens, carve your message deep in the enduring woods and collect vagrant cones, needles and moss to compose a place of solace apart from … Continue reading

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Nostalgia, Naturally by Tyler Pedersen

Nostalgia, Naturally by Tyler Pedersen In December 2007, I self-published my first book of poetry through Authorhouse.  It was a great learning process and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the desire to publish and some rainy day … Continue reading

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And the breeze listened

I walk alone on one forgotten path, trodden and worn, covered in moss and the vacant husks of seeds, eaten by a passing squirrel, carried through the breeze. Where do such seeds go? Are they lost or hard to follow, … Continue reading

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What for?

Listen, for all silence is not filled by words Give, for getting is an easy indulgence Live, for dying is the quick exit thru the back door Forgive, for harboring hatred hurts those we hold dear Learn, for nothing smarts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on turtles

I have spent many summers observing turtles.  No other organism in my life has taken up more space in my thoughts or dreams.  I have tracked the threatened Blanding’s turtle and endangered spotted turtle through the marshes near Chicago, Illinois … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The ancient eavesdropper:
Water tumbles, splashes and cascades into the open arms of heavy stone. Floating above the surface, catching onto rapids that forms a pearly lather. Flowing down the stream boulder to boulder, under and over,…

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