Thickening for winter, freezing time in its skin

Mountains tailored in autumn attire
lose their leaves and lie naked,
exposed to the bitter winter winds 
until the first snowfall 
drapes over the ground 
with the soft satin grace 
of a warm, white robe,
insulating coniferous boughs
and hiding winding trails.
Everything seems to meld 
into one giant mass, a silhouetted 
shadow cast on where wild creature’s 
tracks cross paths.
Rolling contours define the horizon 
as the landscape thickens and bulks up
before the cold can burrow beneath its skin.
Silently, the earth exhales, sending steamy signals
upward into the atmosphere.
Frost-coated canopies stab skyward
like inverted icicles dangling 
from the eaves of rooftops.
Ice-covered lakes arthritic in the sub-zero,
crack and moan as water moves smoothly below.
Cavernous rocky crags harbor hibernating bears
who know not of today or tomorrow.
Time itself freezes onto flakes,
accumulating until warmer temperatures thaw
the hardened exterior and green clothes the resilient dawn.

About tyler4turtles

I am an avid photographer, poet, ecologist, bookworm, blogger, art enthusiast and runner who calls Montana home but lives in Oregon.
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5 Responses to Thickening for winter, freezing time in its skin

  1. Reblogged this on The ancient eavesdropper and commented:

    While this is primarily a winter poem, it describes nature’s resiliency and the return of spring after the hardened exterior melts away. Seasons are worlds unto themselves and without their uniqueness, life would lack color and character. I hope you enjoy reading and may nature’s inspiration guide your every step and thought!

  2. Ms. Vee says:

    This is a lovely poem!

    • Thank you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it. This is actually one of the first poems I posted on WordPress in March. I’m getting close to my 1,000th post & want to revisit older poems for my newer readers to experience. It hasn’t snowed here in Corvallis yet, but it’s right around the corner! These words are just a warming me up for the real thing, as it were 🙂
      Tyler 🙂

      • Ms. Vee says:

        Wow! I love your poems and the words flow gracefully as the story is told. 1000 post awesome. The snow is beautiful, but I don’t like to be in it. I will be basking in the sun Saturday!!! 🙂

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