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The solar equation

The earth               its subtle spin                               turns heads, G-force sideways grins round and round the days go        … Continue reading

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Beach-combing for terrestrials

I walked the beach alone, in the presence of some deeper soul. Kelp and shell washed ashore, scattered at random, polished atop a white, sandy floor. Salty drafts of air pull back on my hair, conjuring sensations, combing through thoughts … Continue reading

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Hourglass©2005 By: Tyler Pedersen Sand and glass walked on razor thin cutting the skin window pane tinted silicon glaring sun crystal clear grainy fun between the toes in your ear down your shorts beneath the sea on the shore reflecting … Continue reading

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Cool patience

The once opaque sky, now cleaned by dawn’s light, uncovers a vast blue ceiling on high. Below, frost recoils as dew dripping down lush growth while heavy wisps of fog scatter from rivers and forest groves. Sleepy denizens exit their … Continue reading

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Nature’s nuances

Tranquil moments come to pass with the least resistance. Time hovers, still, like a gentle drizzle of rain, soaking the senses in rich clarity. Transparent puddles capture skyward reflections, as thousands of concentric circles build around the tiniest vibrations. Birds … Continue reading

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Morning dew askew

Droplets of dew tremble beneath the fir’s prickly boughs, their surface tension broken not by needles but by wind drawn from the earth’s subtle spin.

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