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The next butterfly has arrived

The Next Butterfly Has Arrived Under the canopy sun rains through the leaves, falling on a passing insect, orange and black spots reflected off its wings. Light flutters along with the breeze of unrelenting motion, collected on butterflies which all … Continue reading

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Nostalgia, Naturally

Water tumbles, splashes and cascades into the open arms of heavy stone. Floating above the surface, catching onto rapids that forms a pearly lather. Flowing down the stream boulder to boulder, under and over, swirling and subsiding across miles of … Continue reading

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For want of a corner

Silvery soft, steely strong, thirteen thousand wispy chains entwined in the glare of the sun, sway crystals of dew dangling down through woven gossamer. Contrived in the abdomen, pulled out of a gland, clinging, on hold, then released again. Such … Continue reading

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Priest Pass Road

As the storm approached, I lept out of my car and frantically snapped a dozen photos before the rain started pelting down. The bold light grade of the road starkly contrasts with the foreboding clouds that loom in the background. … Continue reading

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