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Humans are
so curious,
sticking their
brains into 
getting the
shock of
their life &
living to 
tell about it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration


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How you lay your hearts down

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1-Heather I have a confession to make.  I don’t write love poems very often.  I guess you could say that most of my poems aren’t infatuated or inspired by the female sex, unless it revolves around the complete woman called Mother Earth.  However, six years ago on July 31st, 2009, I met my future wife, Heather, at the county fair in Myrtle Point, Oregon.  We moved in together that winter, were married in Montana on June 18th, 2011 and just celebrated four wonderful years of marriage by buying our first house.  The poem below is the first Heather-inspired love poem I have ever written.  I’ve written a few more since then, but this one will always captivate my passion for the most important woman (besides Mother Nature) in my life!  To those of you who have found that special someone already, hold on to them with all your might.  And to…

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The tomatoes are humming

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Out in the greenhouse,

inspecting the vines,

counting and sorting,

wasting my time.

One tomato this,

one tomato that,

protruding off in space,

landing in a case,

humid and sweaty

with the whir of the fan

pushing air out

instead of in.

Along with the whirring

came the blare of the radio

playing 80s tunes

long out of style.

I cannot remember

when that music was groovy,

unless you consider

the culture:

tube socks and roller derbies.

All of this excitement

made for a pretty dull day

of picking and weighing,

what I call a ripe old foray.

Until I heard another noise.

I must be hallucinating

or are the tomatoes

really humming 

to tunes that annoy me?

Over my shoulder

was the distant echo

of buzzing and droning,

I blinked, hesitated,

and recounted my tomatoes.

But in awhile,

I thought to myself,

at least the new noise


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Blueberry moon

Ripening in space
a pock-marked orb
blueberry moon.

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Red flag of feeling

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a poem
thru my
words splatter
across the page,
a red flag
of feeling
all that

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Wordless Wednesday (07/29/15)

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