Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration


There is something sacred and beautiful about planting a tree.  Then to watch it grow and eventually tower over you…how humbling and empowering all at once.  If everyone planted a few hundred trees in their lifetime, think of the positive cumulative impact on world health and happiness.  Let us take a moment everyday to admire and nurture the roots of life on this planet…plant a tree, water and tend to its needs, and in old age, sit under its shade with a smile.  When we act out of pure love and compassion for one another, our spiritual growth is limitless.  Our actions speak through the towering trees whispering in the breeze.

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Wordless Wednesday (04/27/16)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

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Harlequin eclipse

The ancient eavesdropper

1-Emerald eclipse-001

Thousands of leaves
orbit like harlequin planets
eclipsing the sun.

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Wordless Wednesday (04/20/2016)

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Mercurial river

The ancient eavesdropper


ruffle the manes 
of dandelions.

                    Earth revolves
trees sway with the tides
a sleeper wave of geese
sweeps across the sky.

               volumes —
                 I hear 
            the density
               of their 
               diction —
             the weight
               of heavy 
                silence —
              my senses 
             root bound.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime!

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Ladybugs are aphid-eating machines and considered to be a sign of good luck in many countries.  After adult Ladybugs lay thousands of eggs, their larvae will hatch and begin chowing down on these pests at a rate of 50 aphids … Continue reading

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